Strategic Online Marketing Consultant

There are a number of approaches and channels to market your business online. When we think of online marketing we usually think of websites, Google, social media and email. Nowadays most companies have a combination of these and understand the importance of good strategy and integration. But many businesses are disappointed with the results of their marketing and ROI.

Businesses expect online marketing to be two things: effective and affordable. Yet too many have been disappointed by the results and ROI of their marketing assets and campaigns, sometimes despite the services of a marketing consultant, expensive digital agency or online marketing company. Frustrated with the cost and lack of transparency of digital agencies or Internet marketing companies they seek out a marketing consultant specialising in online marketing that can make a difference.

Marketing Wise provides strategic planning, consulting, coaching and training for companies and their staff in the areas of digital, integrated and online marketing. We work with you or your team to develop tailored marketing strategies and plans, as well as work alongside your team to develop and implement the most effective assets and campaigns. We provide invaluable training that empowers your marketing staff with the right tools and resources to save your company money while ensuring the best results and ROI. We also co-manage your assets or campaigns on a retainer services basis, providing website management, content development, Google Adwords and SEO, as well as feedback, strategic recommendations and further training.

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